So what’s this all about then…

So what’s this blog site all about then ??  And why the Penguins ??

I set up this blog “Pop’s Alternative Computing” to try to mainly document my journey into Linux but it will also feature stuff related to my Chromebook and ChromeOS.  Maybe I should clarify exactly what’s happening, perhaps that might help πŸ€”

I’ve had a Chromebook for a while now, I deserted Windows some time back in favour of something simpler and friendlier, ChromeOS, Chromebooks back in the day were pretty simple beasts based mainly around the Chrome browser and not too much else.

But things have changed, quite substantially in fact, ChromeOS itself has grown and become much more powerful and support for Android apps has added a whole new dimension in choice with just what you can do with a Chromebook πŸ˜Š  My present Chromebook is the “ASUS Chromebook Flip C434” with a 14″ full HD touch screen, an Intel M3-8100Y Processor 1.1GHz, 4 GB of ram, 128 GB eMMC storage and a 256 GB SD card inserted.

There is an option with most fairly recent Chromebooks to enable Linux support, but for what seems like forever now it was in Beta mode and although I’ve been intrigued by Linux for some time I didn’t want to commit to it in Beta.  Recently though it came out of Beta and became part of the Chromebook experience proper, so I went ahead and enabled it.  I now have some Linux capability on my Chromebook, it runs alongside ChromeOS but partitioned off in a sandboxed environment.  You get the Linux terminal and a version of Debian which I have updated to 11.4, you can download Linux apps as well, they go straight into the Chrome launcher to launch just like Chrome and Android apps and for the most part they seem to work well enough πŸ˜Š

You don’t really get the full Linux experience though, for instance you cant install a desktop, I’ve tried and failed, plus although you now get Chrome, Android and Linux apps all working alongside each other it just doesn’t “feel” like Linux, it still feels like ChromeOS.

So although I’m pleased with my Chromebook and content enough with the addition of Linux apps I still wanted to try Linux proper for myself. So I went on to good old E-Bay and bought myself a blank laptop second hand, by blank I mean it had no operating system installed, it was a blank slate waiting for me to utilize it in anyway I wished πŸ˜

The laptop I bought is a “Dell Latitude 5480“, mine has an Intel Dual Core i5-6300U, 2.50GHz, 8 GB of ram, 500 GB hard drive and a 14” screen.

Using my Chromebook I downloaded Ubuntu Linux and created a bootable USB drive which I then used to install Linux onto my new Dell laptop, the installation and set up were both simple enough and I now have a fully working and quite lovely dedicated Linux laptop to play with πŸ˜  I have also downloaded a few apps onto it, GIMPKrita and Inkscape to name just a few.  So now I have the full Linux experience I was looking for 😁

And so what now, well I feel I haven’t really been using my Chromebook to it’s fullest abilities so I intend to do that and I really want to explore Linux, learn it, and not just via the desktop, I want to learn how to use the terminal as well, of course my general day to day stuff will no doubt be carried out via the desktop but I still really do want to learn the terminal.

So that’s it, this blog is intended to journal all of that, my journey with my Chromebook and my Linux laptop…

Oh yes, and why the Penguins, well if you look around Linux sites, books etc then Penguins seem to be connected somehow, and anyway I just love Penguins πŸ˜πŸ§

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